New Spectro Ethanol Fuel Conditioner for the Off-Season

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Not everyone has the luxury of being able to ride year round, and keeping your motorcycle properly stored in the off-season so that firing it up is easy and painless come time to ride is important. Spectro Performance Oils has just released their newest product that will keep your fuel system’s components it tip-top shape.


BROOKFIELD, CT – May 23, 2018 – Spectro Performance Oils would like to announce the newest addition to their already top quality product line-up… Spectro Ethanol Fuel Conditioner! This product is a must in any gear-head or powersport enthusiast’s garage. The Ethanol Fuel Conditioner will protect any fuel system components from damage by ethanol, which is present in most fuels, it will also inhibit the build up of gums and prevent corrosion in your fuel delivery system. It will extend fuel life and allow for extended and no-maintenance off-season storage. The Ethanol Fuel Conditioner will work with fuel systems in all 2 and 4 stroke vehicles, from yard equipment to classic cars.

Spectro Ethanol Fuel Conditioner is so new and improved, the only thing that wasn’t changed was the bottle! This Ethanol Fuel Conditioner should be used with every fill up of your fuel tank to ensure maximum protection! The bottle will treat up to 17 gallons, just squeeze the bottle and fill to the top measuring line on the reservoir (0.5oz or 10ml) for every gallon of fuel in your tank. For fuel storage, add Spectro Ethanol Fuel Conditioner to the fuel and run engine for 10 minutes to ensure product is circulated throughout the fuel system and engine.

Head on over to our social media pages (and don’t forget to “Like Us” or “Follow Us”) to get schooled on Ethanol fuels and their negative effects on your fuel delivery system and motor. More the reason to add Spectro Ethanol Fuel Conditioner to your vehicles “insurance policy” and to avoid costly repairs down the road.

To learn more and find your local retailer, please go to the dealer locator.

“Spectro Ethanol Fuel Conditioner” (product code: K.EFC) is a new product and has replaced the now discontinued “Spectro FC Premium Fuel Conditioner & Stabilizer” (product code: K.SFC). If you have any questions, please call 800-243-8645.

Press Release
Press Release

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