Harley-Davidson Showcases Bobber-Style Softail Accessories

Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield

If you own a Harley-Davidson Street Bob Softail but want to make it look even more like a bobber, take a look at these accessories!

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The heritage of Harley-Davidson® Motor Company runs deep on greasy hands, on tire tracks in the dirt and on streets of all shapes and sizes around the world. Over the past decades, also synonymous with motorcycles comes the need for owners to customize them. One of the most popular ways, the minimalist Bobber-style, arose from a desire to go fast. In the 1930s, early American Motorcyclist Association racers tore off excess parts and used only what was needed to win. This history was built two hands at a time in garages and backyard sheds evolving in the 40s to feature distinct paint, smaller gas tanks, raised handlebars and upswept exhaust styles.

Fast forward to 2018, and Harley-Davidson is continuing to inspire customers to stand out from the crowd. H-D® Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories inspire customers who yearn for a garage-built, striped-down look a plethora of new Bobber-style options. The new Bobber-themed parts are designed to appeal to those who prefer classic lines, minimalism, authentic materials and built-to-last products. Transform your Softail® motorcycle into a custom Bobber with the new living-finish Brass Collection, a Single-Sided Swingarm Bag, a 21”Sissy Bar, a Fat Ape Handlebar or a Leather Solo Seat.


The new Single-Sided Swingarm Bag (P/N 90201567 Black or 90201568 Antique Brown, $219.95) will hold riding essentials a rider might otherwise stuff into pockets or bungee across the passenger pillion. Constructed of heavyweight leather, the bag features a pouch-style flap lid that is secured with two quick-disconnect clips hidden behind traditional straps and buckles on the Black and buckles-only on the Antique Brown. Shaped to hug the contour of the bike’s frame, this compact bag adds an old-school look. The semi rigid-backed bag is secured to the left side of the bike with easy-to-install adjustable straps. Fits ’00-later Softail® models (except Heritage Softail® Classic, Softail® Deluxe).


Strap on your bed roll or your backpack, and hit the road with the new One-Piece Tall Rigid Mount Sissy Bar (P/N 52300502 Gloss Black or 52300503 Chrome, $209.95).This classic paper-clip style sissy bar is the perfect finishing touch to a stripped-down bobber build. The 21” sissy bar features a rolled steel upright that is welded to the rigid-mount side plates for a custom look. Bolted directly to the fender struts, the upright offers a narrow profile and clean installation. Designed to complement two-up and solo-seat equipped motorcycles, the kit includes installation hardware for a Passenger Backrest Pad (P/N 52300504, however, the pad is sold separately). Fits ‘18-later Heritage/S, Street Bob®, Deluxe and Slim® models.


Experience a true fist-in-the-wind riding position with a new 12” Fat Mini-Ape or a 16” Fat Ape Handlebar. The 1.25” fat ape bars are big, beefy and shaped for the perfect mix of comfort and style. The bar features a traditional shape that tapers from a narrow base to a wide-open stance. It provides a flat hand position with less of the turned-in shape that can put stress on your wrists. The bar is also factory drilled to allow internal wiring and finished in your choice of show-quality chrome or gloss black surfaces. The handlebar can be installed in the Original Equipment risers on models with 1.25” handlebars or use a Fat Handlebar Riser Kit (P/N 55900122 Chrome or 55900123 Gloss Black, $139.95) to install on motorcycles with a stock 1” bar.


Harley-Davidson’s new Bobber Solo Seats take the stripped-down garage-built look about as far as you can go. Each seat features different styles of supple leather creating unique appearances in four options: Tuck and Roll, Smooth Leather with Trim Ring, Black or Brown Distressed Leather. Each seat is easy to install with no cutting, welding or fabrication needed. The purchase of a separate Spring Seat Installation Kit includes everything needed for fitment on Street Bob and Slim motorcycles. The Installation Kit includes beehive style springs that help cushion the ride, or for maximum old school style, add the low profile Rigid Mount Kit (P/N 52100043, $49.95) for a truly slammed look. Looking to go long distance two-up riding, without hassle the solo seat can be removed and replaced with a touring seat.

Want to explore thousands of other Genuine Motor Accessories in paper format? Request a catalog to be delivered free to your home by visiting www.H-D.com/catalogs.

See an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for complete fitment details.

Evans Brasfield
Evans Brasfield

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