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Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters could be a nice all-season outdoor storage shelter for those motorcyclists without their own garage to keep their bike in. They come in three different sizes that ensure whatever type of bike or bikes you have stay out of the elements. For more information, check out the release below.

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Santa Cruz, Ca. – Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters are custom, secure, and private miniature motorsport garages with a retractable “roll top”. This feature allowing for fast, immediate, and easy access to your cycle! The main features and benefits of Speed-Way Shelters are Weather Proofing, Ease of Assembly, and a user friendly design. Built with strong, durable, and long lasting materials all at an affordable price.

Simply pull your cycle right into a Speed-Way Motorsport Shelter, lower the retractable cover over your bike, and walk away. With our motorcycle covers there is no wait time for pipes to cool. Rest assured, with Speed-Way Shelters, you know your bike is fully protected from all outdoor elements, and in all seasons. Our motorcycle covers were designed with you in mind … from the professional motorcyclist, the motorcycle commuter, to the weekend rider , we’ve got you covered!

To more easily view our products and learn about our company, Speed-Way Shelters recently launched an all new website. User friendly, new products, all inclusive kits, and much more.

Deluxe Shelter for Trikes, Can Am Spyders or multiple vehicles.
Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters come in three sizes…the Standard / Sport Model, the Specialized Touring Model, and the all new Deluxe Trike Model.
* Speed-Way Shelters fit virtually all Standard, Sport and Touring Motorcycles including Trikes, Can-Am’s, Side Cars or two motorcycles.
* Very fast assembly less than 30 minutes.
* Waterproof material. Durable Polyester Fabric with 2,000mm Polyurethane Coating, UV protection, and Fully Taped Seams for waterproofing.
* Includes a 48 lamp LED Bright Light with 3 operating functions. Helpful for night parking or general night access.
* Built-In Locking Hardware allows the SPEED-WAY Shelter to be locked in the lowered position.
* Provides full coverage protection from Sun, Rain, Snow, Dust, Kids, Toys, etc.
* Works great outside or even inside the garage.
* Two Large Side Windows offering full ventilation & full closure window covers.
* Easy to Use – Simple hand-lift retractable function for covering & uncovering your bike.
* Your Speed-Way Shelter allows you to park and cover your bike with hot pipes.
* Powder coated steel for rust protection and square tube structure for added strength.
*New curved top design allows fast water runoff.
*Includes anchor bolts for securing to cement or asphalt and a heavy duty carry case for storage or transport.
* Optional Heavy Duty diamond plate rubber floors available.
To learn more about our products or to order, click HERE
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