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motoauct com doubles membership in only three months

We’re excited that the new vintage motorcycle auction site,, is seeing such quick growth. Fans of vintage motorcycles should all check out what’s offered on the site.

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New Online Vintage Motorcycle Auction Doubles Membership in First Three Months

Bakerfield, CA (December 21, 2017) –, the premiere auction site dedicated to vintage motorcycles, is experiencing an incredible growth rate since launching three months ago. Membership has doubled since that time with a corresponding increase in online interactive auctions and social platform activity. was founded by two vintage motorcycle enthusiasts and is the first site of its kind.

“This is exactly what we envisioned when we started it,” said Jason Delacroix, Co-founder of “A platform that makes things easy for buyers and sellers while encouraging community and interaction among vintage motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world.”

Offering big savings over “tent-pole” auction houses,’s participation fees are less expensive, and there are no travel or transport expenses to get to market. Members buy and sell from anywhere with smart devices using an online, auction-style platform. The savings realizes through the elimination of physical overhead gets passed on to buyers, and sellers’ bikes stay under wraps in their garage, curbside, or wherever they keep them until they sell.

The exponential growth in membership suggests has struck a nerve in the vintage motorcycle community, which is exactly what the founding partners hoped it would do.

The social platforms on the site are designed to encourage membership and community, and the interactive nature of the auctions fosters conversation and the sharing of its users’ knowledge and experience. eliminates the need to wait for large auction houses to hold events—people post, buy and sell from smart devices at any time. Built with vintage motorcycle buyers, sellers and enthusiasts in mind, is the future of vintage.

Register. Buy. Sell. Socialize.

About is the first of its kind: a premiere online auction platform dedicated to vintage motorcycles. Founded by two vintage motorcycle enthusiasts, Jason Delacroix and Jason Williams, the site went live in October 2017 and started gathering users immediately. With over forty years of experience with vintage bike auctions, restoration and sales between them, the two founders wanted to make things easy for buyers and sellers while also providing a forum for vintage devotees to congregate, comment, share and revel in their mutual passion for old machines. Built with vintage motorcycle buyers, sellers and enthusiasts in mind, offers big savings over “tent-pole” auction houses and builds community among vintage motorcycle fans through its interactive bidding process and social platforms. Register. Buy. Sell. Socialize.

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