MegaRide Develops Software to Predict Tire Wear in MotoGP

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The Italian firm, MegaRide, has developed software that can predict and simulate tire wear and degradation for the MotoGP championship. Ducati has signed an exclusive partnership with the tech company in hopes of gaining the competitive edge needed to bring the championship home to Bologna.

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MegaRide signs an exclusive biennial partnership with Ducati Corse in MotoGP, for the supply of advanced physical models for real-time dynamic vehicle dynamics simulations

MegaRide, UniNa’s academic spin-off awarded by Shark Bites at the National Innovation Award for the Innovative Startup Title of the Year, announces the signing of an exclusive deal until the end of 2018’s MotoGP season with the Ducati Team. The partnership includes the provision of software developed by MegaRide to predict and simulate tire behavior, useful in assessing grip and degradation, enabling the team to define the setup and race strategies in view of the MotoGP championship events.

A partnership born thanks to technical / scientific collaboration on issues related to the search for optimum performance through real-time simulation activities, the main field of application of MegaRide products, which finds in Ducati a partner capable of embodying technological excellence to perfection and the dynamism that led the startup to emerge in a short time in international motorsport.

“Knowing, simulating and tracking in-the-moment the behavior of your vehicle is the key to acquiring a competitive edge linked to grip maximization on different surfaces and in multiple race conditions,” says Flavio Farroni, CEO of MegaRide, who With colleagues Aleksandr Sakhnevych and Francesco Timpone gave birth just over a year ago to the academic spin-off, which develops technologies for motorsport and smart mobility.

“Tire Management Strategies are a key factor in achieving MotoGP results, especially in the last two seasons of the continuous technological evolution of racing. Collaboration with MegaRide is aimed at strengthening the development of these strategies,” states Nicolò Mancinelli, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer at Ducati Corse.

The achievements of this season, with Andrea Dovizioso in title struggle, victorious in Italy and Spain and among the top five in six of the 9 contests, have been repeatedly marked by an effective tire management strategy aimed at minimizing degradation and take full advantage of the grip. MegaRide, strongly participating in the results, has provided the Ducati Team with tools to analyze vehicle dynamics and optimize road performance with an innovative approach.

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