Kawasaki Team Green Announces Unmatched Contingency for 2017

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Growing on the nearly four decades of amateur racing support, Kawasaki Team Green is pleased to announce its 2017 racing contingency program. For 2017 Kawasaki has raised the bar, leading the industry with nine million dollars up for grabs through racing contingency programs. Racers competing in road racing, flat track, motocross and off-road races can earn their share of the green by heading to www.Kawasakisalesrewards.com to enroll. Once enrolled, racers will receive a Kawasaki Sales Rewards MasterCard that can be used at Kawasaki dealerships or anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Contingency is available at nearly 500 races for the 2017 season.

“Team Green is proud to have the industry leading contingency program that covers motocross, off-road, road race and flat track disciplines for Kawasaki racers on KX and Ninja models,” said Team Green Supervisor Ryan Holliday. “Last season we released our road race program and it was a huge success. For 2017 we’re pleased to have an expanded off-road program of over one million dollars to complement the motocross program for our KX racers.”

Enrolled racers who earn contingency will enjoy;

  • Kawasaki Contingency Rewards MasterCard can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • Contingency funds credited when results are approved
  • Online account balance and account tracking (24 hours)
  • Easy profile updates
  • ATM Access (Pro riders only)
  • Toll-Free customer service support 1-866-535-2544

All existing Kawasaki Contingency racers must re-activate their contingency account each racing year, more information is available online at https://www.kawasaki.com/racing/team-green/contingency.

Press Release
Press Release

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