Around the World In 80 Days On Yamaha Globalrider Connected Motorcycle

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Telefónica and Yamaha presented in Jerez the Globalrider, the solo journey around the world in 80 day on the first “connected” motorcycle in history, a Yamaha equipped with the latest technologies Telefónica has to offer in terms of the Internet of Things and M2M.

The racetrack located in the city in Cádiz, where the MotoGP™ Grand Prix will be held this weekend, was the site chosen for the presentation of this adventure which has received the support of the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP team.

Under the motto “Moving forward is the only way to return”, Hugo Scagnetti, who has strong ties to the world of new technologies and adventure trips, will travel 37,000 kilometres retransmitting multimedia contents and telemetric information in real time, making it possible for his followers to practically live his adventure at the same time.

Telefónica Yamaha Globalrider is the fruit of Scagnetti‘s own vow. After suffering a serious injury to both legs caused by avascular necrosis, he promised that if he was ever able to walk again without crutches he would journey around the world for a single purpose: to broadcast and raise funds to support the work of scientific research centers dedicated to the field of tissue regeneration using stem cells in children.

Thus, after 13 months and battling many obstacles, Hugo keeps his promise and will kick-off this adventure from theTelefónica offices in Madrid located in las Tablas next May 27. From there he will first travel to France, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. He will then travel on the republics of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. There he will embark on an airplane together with his Yamaha to the United States – San Francisco, Seattle, Idaho, and Miami. His journey will end in the United Kingdom before returning to Spain having accomplished his goal.

Self-Improvement, Social Action, and Technological Innovation

Telefónica Yamaha Globalrider brings together M2M and IoT technologies offered by Telefónica such as telemetry, connectivity, monitoring, geolocation, and social networks; multi-screen contents and Movistar+ documentary production, and one of the most advanced engines currently available in the world: the Yamaha Super Ténéré XT1200Z.

Both the motorcycle and the pilot will be connected and monitored in real time through several electronic and m2m managed connectivity sensors, which will allow the machine and the pilot to be studied, and their behaviour to be understood, at all times and under every circumstance; they will also allow the remote medical monitoring of the pilot.

Hugo Scagnetti will produce a documentary series for Movistar+ which will highlight the value of contact with other peoples and cultures through history, music, personal experiences, and the use of technology. The distribution rights of the Telefónica Yamaha Globalrider program will be donated in full to the research of tissue regeneration. In this way, Hugo is able to bring together his passion for adventure trips, his experience in the world of technology, and his commitment to scientific research.

All of the trip details will be able to be followed online at, which will also include a link where donors wishing to contribute to the raising of funds for research can do so.

Once the adventure is concluded, Telefónica will send all these donations, plus the benefits resulting from the distribution rights of the documentary that will be produced by Movistar+, to the tissue regeneration with stem cells research team at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Madrid.

Press Release
Press Release

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