2008-2012 Can-Am Spyders Recalled for Fire Risk

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Bombardier Recreational Products has initiated two recalls in Canada on Can-Am Spyder Roadsters for a risk of fire due to a leaky gas cap. One recall covers certain units from model years 2008-2012, which covers all prior model years since the three-wheeler was first introduced in 2008. The second recall applies to model years 2008-2010.

According to the recall report released by Transport Canada, the fuel cap on certain 2008-2012 models may not properly seal on the fuel tank filler neck. As a result, fuel vapors may escape from the fuel tank and, upon contact with an ignition source, may catch fire. Models from years 2008-2010 may also have an incorrect fuel vapor canister vent hose installed which may allow fuel vapors to escape, creating another potential fire risk.

As of publication of this post, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not issued a recall for the U.S. A search of the NHTSA database however reveals several complaints of fuel odors and Spyders catching fire.

There have also been several posts on Motorcycle.com‘s Can-Am Spyder Forum reporting fires on various Spyders. The picture below was posted on CanAmSpyderForums.com by the user jhernandez3 in August 2011 about a Spyder catching fire in St. Cloud, Fla.

BRP has designed a new fuel cap for models from 2008-2012 that it expects will have a tighter seal and prevent any fuel vapor leaks. Dealers will also inspect the fuel vapor canister hoses on models from 2008-2010 and, if necessary, re-route the line. The fuel cap recall affects 9,400 units while the fuel vapor canister hose recall affects 2,431 units.

We will continue to monitor the recall campaign and will post a follow-up if and when NHTSA releases information about a U.S. recall. (UPDATE: Here’s the follow-up for the U.S. recall.)

[Source: Transport Canada, NHTSA, CanAmSpyderForums.com]

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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