7. Justification #2: EFI


Now that all the guys who were power-crazed 10 years ago are moving on to “adventure bikes,” it’s time to replace your old high-maintenance moto with something you can tell your loved ones will allow you to spend more quality time with them. Whether you enjoy playing with carburetors or not, all the major manufacturers began phasing in electronic fuel injection about 15 years ago, basically negating the need for expensive, finicky tune-ups or for you to spend time crawling on a dank garage floor looking for tiny brass carburetor parts.

The CBR929RR, descendant of the 900RR, introduced EFI to the line in 2000, and remains a great bike. The ubiquitous GSX-R1000 Suzuki had EFI from its inception in 2001, the same year Yamaha updated the R1 with fuel injection. The ZX-10R Kawasaki made its 2004 entrance with EFI. You’re not going to get traction control or ABS in this era, but you’re also not going to go into debt, carry insurance other than liability, or be reluctant to ride the occasional track day.