As much as I like riding motorcycles, some of my best memories on this job involve the people I meet through motorcycles. Such was the case with Alex Wakefield. For a brief period during my time at MO I lived in Chicago, and while there aren’t many riding roads in the area, there was a Dainese D-Store, which is where I met Wakefield. An artist and motorsport fanatic, he was presenting some of his work at the D-Store, and upon meeting him I knew I had to interview him for a story, as his love for the sport of motorcycle (and car) racing goes further than possibly anyone I know.

I met him again at a coffee shop in downtown Chicago for the interview, where we then proceeded to talk for hours on end about motorcycles, motorsports, famous racers, and obscure motorsport-related trivia. The guy is basically an encyclopedia of motorsport knowledge and we hit it off immediately. Oh, and did I mention he’s an artist? His work inspired me in ways other motorsport artists haven’t been able to do. When we first met his portfolio was rather small, but his website,, is updated with a much bigger portfolio of his work (mostly car related because, well, those are the guys who have the dough to pay for a commissioned piece).

To me, his art transports me to the moment. Beyond the art, however, Alex is simply a good guy. We still keep in touch to this day, and his passion for motorsports is still as strong as ever.