Erin Sills, on right, is a multi-time land-speed record holder and shines as an example of how females can inspire riders of all kinds. This year at Speed Week she took her S1000RR to 200.7 mph on Bonneville’s short course but then was stymied by just 196 mph on the slushy Long course. Interestingly, Sills’ tuner, Curtice Thom, told us the BMW’s swingarm is filled with 80 pounds of lead shot to help it hook up on the salt!

Meanwhile, Erin’s friend Trev Richter, an instructor at Rawhyde Adventures, rode his R1200GS to 135 mph, then this week went 145 mph at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials. His efforts are made on behalf of Race For Relief, an organization supporting veterans through motorcycling.


    The Spirit bike from Indian is beautiful. The old Honda reminds me of a bike my neighbor had. A lot of interesting machines.

  • Starmag

    My votes are for that tractor thing because it has a cartoonish moose hood ornament, and also for the dual engine scout because it’s beautiful and street legal. Flat heads V-twins have a cool blaaaty sound so two must be even better.

  • john phyyt

    Hey Bob (Lewis) that is one great looking motorcycle. And you ,if anything, you look even better. If i see you around . Drinks are on me if you tell me about how you stayed faithful all those years

  • Great roundup!

  • You missed Steve “Brew Dude” Garn and his record setting 1972 350 RD. Great little bike and he set 3 AMA records this year. Not too bad for 60 year guy from North Carolina! This was great round up of shots from my favorite place.

  • Daimyo

    “80 years old and he’s still competing on the bike he bought in high school”

    A god among men.

    Great to see so many Indians, that twin scout sure is something.