Earning the top spot in my list is this unassuming Indian Chief. First, I love how it’s entered in the Modified Partial Streamliner class (MPS). You’ll notice the only streamlining efforts are its headlight turned around backward and the wind deflectors ahead of the frame rails and the forward cylinder’s exhaust header.

But the best part of the bike’s story is its rider, Bob Lewis. Bob is a lovely gentleman whose poor hearing can be forgiven because his age is nearing 80 years old and he’s still competing on the bike he bought in high school! Lewis, who still kicks over the Chief’s 82 c.i. motor on his own, tells us he has ridden the bike to 128 mph, and he was shooting for 130 mph this year!

Next time any of you consider retiring from motorcycling because you’re getting too old, think twice and look for inspiration from Mr. Lewis!