I’ll tell you one of the reasons I bought the little Suzuki: MotoGP. No, this has nothing to do with brand loyalty, or trickle down tech from the GSX-RR to my dinky little dirtbike; it’s about the tools the best riders in the world use when they aren’t piloting their prototype racers. A lot of them turn to minimoto to keep the skill sharp. Minimoto machines are one of the last spectrums of motorcycling void of electronic rider aids, so if I want to learn to manage (or induce, in some cases) a slide, doing so on a minimoto is entirely up to me. The best part? Most minimotos are fairly tough. I’ll feel better after I end up on my ass several times knowing I won’t hurt the bike any.

  • novemberjulius

    I’m 250 lbs!!!! I don’t care about being slow, just don’t want to bottom out the suspension on an easy corner.

    • TroySiahaan

      Suspensions can be modified to suit nearly all shapes and sizes. Including yours!

  • JMDonald

    It all sounds great. I am of such a size that I would need to compete in maximoto.

    • TroySiahaan

      Bah. I know people who are 6-foot, 2-inches who ride minimoto.

  • Old MOron

    Preach on, Reverend Trizzle!

  • Matt Forero

    I can’t wait to see how those little bikes ate up the gymkhana cones!

  • spiff

    Good write up. I would love to do this, just not in the cards at the moment. Heck I commute on a supermoto, and haven’t been to the track on it.

  • James Stewart

    All the Supercross/Motocross stars started on 50/65cc dirt bikes – so I’m surprised that the “farm system” for kiddie road racers isn’t more popular – I’d rather see my kid fall off on a low speed kart track – instead of casing a supercross triple jump on his dirtbike. Less like to result in an ER trip.