Price shouldn’t be a barrier to good times as they can often be when dealing with the big bikes. Yamaha’s asking more than $12,000 for a new R6. Yikes. Conversely, Honda wants $3200 for a brand-new Grom. That’s well within reason for most working adults. If you’re new to the workforce and not quite at the salary level you aspire to, the Razkull 125 is a measly $1800. Still too much? Are you struggling to pay rent for your studio in San Francisco but still itching to ride? Some amazing deals can be found on Craigslist if you’re patient and willing to bargain. I personally know someone who paid $600 for a Kawasaki KX65, already laced with wheels and street tires. Talk about a steal!

  • novemberjulius

    I’m 250 lbs!!!! I don’t care about being slow, just don’t want to bottom out the suspension on an easy corner.

    • TroySiahaan

      Suspensions can be modified to suit nearly all shapes and sizes. Including yours!

  • JMDonald

    It all sounds great. I am of such a size that I would need to compete in maximoto.

    • TroySiahaan

      Bah. I know people who are 6-foot, 2-inches who ride minimoto.

  • Old MOron

    Preach on, Reverend Trizzle!

  • Matt Forero

    I can’t wait to see how those little bikes ate up the gymkhana cones!

  • spiff

    Good write up. I would love to do this, just not in the cards at the moment. Heck I commute on a supermoto, and haven’t been to the track on it.

  • James Stewart

    All the Supercross/Motocross stars started on 50/65cc dirt bikes – so I’m surprised that the “farm system” for kiddie road racers isn’t more popular – I’d rather see my kid fall off on a low speed kart track – instead of casing a supercross triple jump on his dirtbike. Less like to result in an ER trip.