Real-life Motorcycle-Riding Superhero in Argentina

Beware of Menganno!

Beware of Menganno!

Captain America might ride a Harley, but in Argentina, the super heroes ride a Bajaj.

Or at least, Menganno does. That’s the super hero identity adopted by former police officer Oscar Lefosse, who patrols the streets of Buenos Aires on a Bajaj Pulsar 200.

Menganno can now be seen making appearances at charitable events and rescuing street dogs, but last January, the masked crusader stumbled upon an actual crime in progress, reportedly defending his family from three assailants attacking their car. The erstwhile hero reportedly pulled out a gun and scared off the evil-doers.

Lafosse may be leading a more sedate life now, recently appearing at a fundraiser for a local hospital, but the criminal element better beware of Menganno!