10. Use your Mirrors

Check Your Mirrors

A person recently wheelied past me on the 405 doing 90ish – nice technique, nice form. I was impressed. Until I noticed he’d removed his mirrors. Man, I don’t know how you can ride that way on the street; I feel uncomfortable on the track without mirrors. I learned in roadrace school years ago what’s passed is past; trouble will usually come from the front. That’s true on the street as well, but not always – depending especially upon how fast you ride. Every now and then, somebody evading arrest or just plain crazy will come blasting up on your six (I try to minimize this by going slightly faster than the general flow), and it’s good to see them coming and give them a wide berth. If somebody wants to ride my tailsection when I’m doing 80, that’s fine; I move to the right and let them lead interference, thumbs up!

When slowing or stopped at a light, I’m always eyeballing my mirrors to make sure whatever’s behind me is stopping too. I like to pull up between rows of cars at lights, and I have that between-cars gap in my sights even where lane-splitting is illegal. And when the light turns green, it does not mean go. It means go when it is safe to proceed. Look both ways.