1. You’re Invisible

Invisible Motorcycle

(Photo courtesy of tinypic.com)

The other thing the Hurt report pointed out is that the main thing that hurts and kills motorcyclists is that people just don’t see them. I remember like yesterday being in the rear flip-up seat of mom’s Kingswood Estate wagon when she pulled out in front of a motorcycle when I was a little kid of seven or so. I saw him, but she didn’t. He managed to swerve around us with eyeballs as big as golf balls, but it was a near thing. My mom wasn’t a bad person. She just had four kids in the car and things on her mind. It happens.

When you’re on your motorcycle, expect it to happen. If somebody oncoming looks like they’re about to turn left into your path, flash your highbeams a couple of times and slow down and cover the brakes. Have ABS if you can.

In a metaphysical sense, make yourself less invisible by admitting to your Higher Power of Choice that no matter how careful you are and how much gear you wear and how many flashing lights you cover your bike in, you’re still at the mercy of things outside of your control. Lawrence Grodsky was the safest motorcyclist in the world, but the deer that had his name on it didn’t care. Be nice to people and animals. Avoid the seven deadly sins. Get a little walking in. Try to live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations. That’s all I’ve got. For now.