2. Keep your wits about you, my child

Drinking and Riding

(Photo courtesy of Selvedgeyard.com)

Many ears slam shut as soon as they hear someone begin pontificating that having a drop of alcohol will lead immediately to the nearest guardrail. For some people, it’s probably true. They shouldn’t drink at all. For those who are going to have a beer or two, it is far better to err on the side of sobriety: no more than one cocktail per hour, and it’s always time to go after two hours anyway. Any more than that, and we could again trot out statistic after statistic that heavily correlates drinking with thrashing of vehicles. Opiates and anything stronger are a no-no. Mushrooms and hallucinogens are right out. But you really don’t need to be told this, do you? The spirit of rugged independence that put you on a motorcycle in the first place, we hope, also brings with it heightened self-preservation skills. Live to ride with a gray beard, either attached to your face or to a riding companion.