3. Main Street After Dark

Daytona Bike Week Main Street

They say that the crazies come out at night and that the full moon brings out the craziest. Well, this year’s Bike Week is timed to end just as the moon goes full, so expect the excitement to build all week. If you’re looking for mayhem, Main Street Daytona Beach should be at the top of your list. The gravitational pull of Main Street seems to draw in every attention-seeking biker within a 100-mile radius. And then there are the onlookers, many fueled by bottomless supplies of beer from the local bars, who help the energy reach critical mass in an orgiastic conflagration of sweaty, leather-clad bodies, straight pipes, smoking tires, and police giving tickets in attempt to keep the whole scene from exploding in a chain reaction.

Yeah, it’s pretty fun. Go there.