1. People Watch

Daytona Bike Week People Watching

If Bike Week were a TV show, it would be called Those Amazing Humans. Daytona seems to bring out all that is good, horrifying and just extremely odd in human behavior. For those of us who like to observe the folks we encounter, Daytona offers a smorgasbord of innocent and guilty pleasures. From the people fawning over the unobtanium custom bikes to the equally modified and unobtainable women on display, Daytona Bike Week offers an unfiltered view into the collective id of American motorcyclists. As an experiment, just plant yourself on any fairly busy corner in Daytona for a half hour next week and count the number of characters you see. You won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll realize that all nine of the previous must-do activities are much more enjoyable with a healthy dose of people watching.

Have fun at Bike Week!