5. They Make Great Snot Rags

Bandana Mask

If at any point during your ride you begin drooling or your nose starts running, the bandana provides a first line of defense between bodily fluids and your chin, followed by your Ralph Lauren silk dickie. When you’re laid up with a cold, a couple of bandanas has the snot-absorbing capacity of an entire box of Kleenexes. (Remember to launder them before redonning, or forget #2.)

  • Koczk

    Nothing more frustrating than these 10-page articles, where I have to load a new page and scroll down each time for all ten points.

    Is this about driving up clicks or something?

    Please stop doing it.

    • Mike B

      Yes…super annoying. It must be about clicks.

    • loloyd

      Frustrating or annoying? Or both? πŸ˜›

    • GOPHatesFreedom

      It’s all click bait. I stop reading at page one and move on.

    • Not clicking a single page, out of here. It’s a fluff piece, not compelling enough to read on.

      • denchung

        I guess we should stop forcing you to click through it then. Oh wait, we don’t.

        • Wow, you really burned me, well done “moderator”. I didn’t click, I did leave and even now I am replying to you VIA Disqus without having to load that page πŸ™‚

  • Kevin

    #11: Massive face trauma in the case of accident. You’ll be on the front page for sure!

    • john burns

      No reason you can’t sport the bandana with a full-face, I nearly always do.

      • CaptainPlatypus

        This is by far the cheapest and most effective anti-fogging on the market.

  • DickRuble

    Strong language for a bogus little piece that had no reason to be. I guess it’s winter.. slow days, no riding….. It’s so hard to resist telling you what I think of those wearing bandanas….

    • john burns

      let it out, Ruble!

  • octodad

    never got any grief about it. you are right, get more positives from women. think they want to tie me up. well, two can play at that game…

  • Cody

    #2 right on the mark!

  • Bajagrngo

    I like my beret…so there

  • Red Rider

    Hi. My name is Red And I, uh, I-wear-a-bandana. Thanks Motorcycle.com. I needed that.

  • Old MOron

    What about Buffs? How do those fit in?

  • Mike B

    Willie G wears a beret…just sayin’

  • fastfreddie

    @2:Thought it was the other way around.Everytime I see one with a bandana,I identify him (with a scientifically proven score of 98.7% correctness) to be a douchebag:p

  • Andrew Schechterman

    Love the Buff Coolmax bandanas, can vary in price, but cover #1-#10 (have not tried #11). Good stuff.

  • Is it still February? Could you please do your next article on why the straws at diner’s make that squeeky sound when they go up and down? Or the top ten reasons to use those thingy’s that clip on you boot lace and your jeans to keep them from riding up…oh wait…did I spoil that one? oh! How about a “Visor up” versus “Visor Down” Shootout…?

  • Send Margaritas

    Reason #11: Add a handgun, and you have a career. πŸ˜‰

  • designwraps

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