Mama Espinosa’s – El Rosario, Baja


When you’re in Texas, you might as well be in Mexico. Famed friend of MO and Baja semi-native Steven Soto says Mama Espinosa’s is the place to be seen and heard in Baja, both for its food and affordable accommodations.

Okay, that’s one gastronomic lap of the Continent. Now I’m hungry again.

  • Peter Collins

    Hey, I know the very first one – not bad for a UK resident. Sadly, it did not involve a cruise up the PCH by bike – rather, a slightly shonky Saab with a slipping clutch. But a glimpse of the good life anyway, and nice to be reminded of it in an English February…

    • john burns

      shonky Saab, aren’t they all?

    • Old MOron

      “Shonky”? I had to google that up. Damnit, I’m still saying “dodgy”.
      Oh well, can’t be bothered to change now.

      PS: “Dodgy” and “can’t be bothered” are two of my favorite Britishisms. I also find any construction based on “sod” or “bugger” to be hilarious.

  • lucascooney

    I’ve been to Webers dozens of times over the years. Line is always long, but they move through it surprisingly fast. One tip. If you want a milkshake, don’t order it with your food, as you’ll get a fast food-style quick shake. Instead, they have an ice cream shack where you can get a much better shake made from any ice cream you wish. And if the sun is shining, they’ve got plenty of picnic tables behind the train cars.

  • Old MOron

    Famed motophilosopher Peter Jones? He and I used to be on the same email list about ten years ago. I really liked his posts. He does have sort of a Jack Kerouac quality. That does it. If I’m ever in North Carolina, I’m stopping at Switzerland Cafe.

  • fastfreddie

    Everytime I hear the name O’Hare,I think of fight club.

  • Rob Bandler

    Don’t forget about the Dinosaur BBQ! Syracuse NY, Rochester NY, Buffalo NY, Brooklyn NY, etc. Very bike friendly

  • GreggJ

    If cruising (or dragging knees) up the 101, about 270 miles north of San Francisco there is the Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe’ in Eureka, CA. Dedicated motorcycle parking and all.

  • Rob Lore

    What is this Burlington and Western Monmouth Loops in Nj…never heard of it.

    • roma258

      Yeah, that one had me scratching my head. There’s some good riding in NJ, but you gotta head northwest to find it.

      • Angel Garcia

        I would love to know as well.

      • Andrew Capone

        Not necessarily. Nomoco Road to Eli Harmony/524 West to Allentown. Then down through Crosswicks, Walnford, Cream Ridge, etc. I’m shit with Google maps, and I generally ride mid-pack, but here’s a lame attempt at one of the routes. I know we’re grading on a curve here, but these roads, many of which are farm roads, are more fun than one would expect in this area. We’ll often then up through to North Jersey and Warren/ Sussex, Break at Frenchtown, then over to Van Sant airport in PA, back down, and back over 524. A good 150 miles, and with our local knowledge, surprisingly enjoyable and uncrowded if you do a morning run with a small spirited group. Happy to meet you at Woody’s one morning!

        • Guest
        • roma258

          Well alright then. I’m quite familiar with the roads around Van Sant and Lambertville-Frenchtown corridor (519 and 651 are two good ones). The rest I’m not as familiar with, so might want to check out. When do you guys usually do your rides? Philly Riders, have a monthly ride every Second Sunday and we pop over to Jersey side on a pretty regular basis.

          • Andrew Capone

            Usually Sundays, meet up is the Valero station at Exit 8 of 195 in Allentown, kickstands up at 8:30- 9. We also ride with the guys from Xtreme Machines dealership in Millstone on Rt33 and will start there, once a month or so.

          • Philip Christian

            On Gmaps, you can grab and move the route to where you want… You should just do an A-B route anywhere, then create points on the map (double clicking I think) and move those points to where the route is. It would be greatly appreciated.

          • Andrew Capone

            Thanks, Phillip, I tried that but when I linked, the route disappeared and only the map showed up. I’m not sure how to save it. I don’t want this to devolve into a Maps 101 thread, but I’ll give it another shot.

          • Philip Christian

            oh ok…I’m just really interested in this route, I’ve been looking for some good routes in the area. If you don’t mind, when you get the route on maps, press alt-prtscrn to get the screen shot and post if you don’t mind. thanks

  • killian101

    Neptune’s Net, like much of Malibu canyons, is great during the week. Weekends, head east to less crowded roads

  • Philip Christian

    Interesting…but on the TOP Routes they just posted last month, nothing was anywhere near PA NJ on their maps… This is the type of info we need!

    • Andrew Capone

      Not surprising, as the concentration of great roads in warmer climes with less population density is pretty overwhelming. That being said, I do think there are many good, fun roads around us, particularly up the spine of NJ and over into NE PA.

  • David VonDoom

    How did this list not include the famous Newcomb’s Ranch on the CA-2? That road through the Angeles National Forest is legendary and packed to the gills with bikers whenever the CHP don’t close it because of a rockslide or something.

    • imprezive

      No kidding, is it possible to down vote an article? Half of these places don’t even seem like they cater to bikes let alone be a Mecca like Newcombs.

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  • Backroad Bob

    Burnsie what did you do that the boss assigned such an impossible and thankless task guaranteed to blow up on you? Threaten to join ISIS if they make you do another mid-weight cruiser comparo? Nice job though. They’re all new to me except Alice’s. If you did the Ontario one you nailed it and the roads.

  • allworld

    You may want to try the Top 10 in each region. You should also warn people of food to avoid in certain regions, Mexican food in New England… Italian food in the south…Clam chowder in the mid west…..

  • 5monkeez

    Cafe Veloce in Kirkland?? I… had… no… idea. It’s 4 miles from my house and I pass within 50 feet every time I make the trip to Guitar Center. Time to make a detour!

  • Gary J Boulanger

    Pretty good list, John; even though Alice’s is a mere 13 miles away, my heart belongs to Fuel Cafe in Milwaukee, 2,000 miles to the east.

  • scott

    gotta be one of the worst compilations of a list i’ve ever read-state by state would have been so so much better and make it an on going series – NOW that would be an excellent informative on going series—-