4. Bonneville Performance Street Tracker, $26,500


If you’ve been around for awhile, you likely have fond memories of the glory days of dirt-tracking. Elbow banging while flinging dirt conjures up memories of gladiators like Jay Springsteen, Kenny Roberts and Gary Nixon. You can make your dirt-track dreams come true if you order up a Street Tracker from Bonneville Performance.

The BP Street Tracker isn’t just a dirt-track-inspired street motorcycle, it’s a bona fide dirt racer with the minimum of street equipment necessary to ride it on public roads. All Street Trackers are powered by Triumph-sourced parallel-Twins in various displacements, from the 995cc configuration used in the racebike to a thumping 1191cc bone shaker.

Claimed to weigh just 351 pounds with its puny 2.4-gallon tank full, the Street Tracker is a riot to aim down a twisty public road. It thumps and it wheelies and it carves like no other streetbike we’ve ridden. Look for a full ride review in the near future, or if you want to place your order today, click over to the Bonneville Performance website.