10. EICMA 2014, $2,500


For the enthusiast who wants to keep abreast of the latest new models and innovations, what better gift is there than a ticket to the Mecca of Motorcycles, EICMA, in Milan, Italy. Officially known as the International Motorcycle Exhibition, EICMA is where the magic happens, when the major manufacturers introduce their biggest, most important models. Sure, there are other shows, such as the touring International Motorcycle Shows or the fledgling AIMExpo here in the U.S., or the biannual Intermot show in Cologne, Germany.

The show takes place every November in Milan, a city known for its art and fashion, and to the two-wheeled aficionado, motorcycles. Tickets to EICMA are only about $24, but for a two-way flight for two and lodging for a couple of days to take in the show and see other sites in Milan like La Scala opera house or Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”, you’re looking at spending upwards of $2,500.