3. Sentinel Rainsuit Jacket & Pants, $160

Tourmaster Sentinel Rainsuit Jacket

Any rider who has been caught out in the rain without proper gear can attest to how miserable a wet ride can be. The same can be said for those who have bought cheaply made, inexpensive rain suits which are lucky to last for a short ride home. Quality rain gear is an investment in your future riding comfort. Tourmaster’s Sentinel Rainsuit is up to the task of long days in the rain. The breathable rip-stop nylon shell keeps the moisture your body produces from being trapped inside. The dreaded down-the-back drip is prevented by an hood that can be worn under a helmet. Sized to be worn over riding gear, the suit also features large cargo pockets and reflective piping. When not in use, a self-contained storage pouch helps the suit tuck away in a tank or saddlebag. Women’s sizes are also available on the Tourmaster website.