9. Roadgear Thermo-Tec Underwear, $117

Roadgear Thermo-Tec Underwear

Riders have two methods for battling the cold that comes with early/late riding season motorcycling: Keep out the cold or keep in the warmth. Constructed to fit like long johns, Roadgear’s Thermo-Tec Underwear is lightweight and windproof while still allowing your body to breathe the way it likes. The fabric slides well under the outer layers of clothing. The unique zipper path on the shirt prevents the shirt and jacket closures from lining up and allowing drafts to enter. Although the shirt and pants are sold separately, the pair weighs in at $117 and can be bought directly from Roadgear.

  • Cleanerman

    I’m waiting for the top ten “Christmas” gifts.


    • Evans Brasfield

      Don’t worry, Larry. We’re not troops in the “War on Christmas.” We’re simply acknowledging that, since our readers come from all over the world, many of them celebrate holidays other than Christmas. Think of our message as a world market holiday greeting that is similar to the world market bikes we frequently test.

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