3. BSA

GoldStar Rocker

Prior to WWII the Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) was England’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. Post WWII and BSA was, for a period of time, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

Established in 1861 as a gun manufacturer, BSA began producing motorcycles in 1910 and ended motorcycle production in 1973. During its 63-year run BSA produced numerous historical models including the S27 “Sloper,” A7 Star Twin, A10 Golden Flash and A65 Lightning Clubman, but none are more famous than the Gold Star.

The DBD34 Gold Star, introduced in 1956 with a polished tank, clip-on handlebars, open-mouth Amal carburettor and swept-back exhaust was the quintessential “Rocker” bike of the Mods and Rockers era.