MotoGP Qatar Top 5

Wait, what, really? Holy crap, MotoGP is already upon us as if the last round of the 2013 season concluded yesterday. Twenty-thirteen was an amazing season that saw the legend, Valentino Rossi, return to Yamaha with renewed vigor, and the crowning of the sport’s youngest ever champion. The year in which Marc Marquez demoralized his competition while destroying long-standing records is meaningless, though, once the curtain goes up on the 2014 season.

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Although Marquez is only at the start of a promising MotoGP career, he enters ’14 a hobbled champion from a dirtbike training crash resulting in a broken fibula. Has the MotoGP phenom recovered enough to win the race in which he placed third last year? We’re not sure so we decided to critique the usual suspects and one promising outlier to see who has the best chances. Here’s our prognostication.

  • Vrooom

    Personally I’d put it (from 5 to 1st) Lorenzo, Aleix E, Marquez, Pedrosa, Rossi. Rossi’s been fast in pre-season testing, Lorenzo not so much. Aleix has really surprised, Pedrosa has tied Rossi as the fastest time at the recent test, and while Marquez will probably not be slowed much due to his leg, he will be some. I realize relegating Lorenzo to 5th is risky.

  • fastfreddie

    I’ll predict:Aleix,Pedrosa,Lorenzo,Rossir,Marquez.Let the race comence