2. Freestyle Skiing and Motocross Freestyle

Freestyle Skiing Half Pipe

Freestyle snow skis and freestyle motocross motorcycles have nothing in common, except for what their respective pilots can do aboard them.

One big ramp/jump is all that’s needed to really get these athletes in motion. Once airborne, aptitude, amplitude and attitude set the winners apart from the rest of the field.

Motorcycle Freestyle

Soooo last X Games, snow dude.

Many of the aerial tricks and maneuvers used by motocross freestyle riders and those used in the five types of Olympic freestyle skiing echo one another in their common goals of impressing judges and making the crowd hoot ‘n’ holler.

Perhaps no other pairing in this list is more alike than freestyle skiers and freestyle motocrossers. Though different in their sports, these athletes are often cut from the same cloth.