5. 50-Kilometer Cross-country Skiing –to- Motorcycle Enduro/Cross-country Racing

Cross Country Skiing

While cross-country skiing isn’t known for barely-manageable speeds or high-flying jumps on impossibly skinny skis, it is a sport, whether in sprint or long-distance races, that demands endurance. Cross-country ski races often take place through wooded areas and varied terrain. The longest of the Olympic cross-country events is a grueling 50-kilometer (31-mile) race that will suck out the life from the skiers, with many of them often collapsing from exhaustion as they cross the finish line – or even before finishing.

Motorcycle Enduro

Say, Chuck, any chance we can ski our way outta this?

Enduro and cross-country forms of motorcycle racing are, of course, speed dependant, and also a race against the clock as well as fellow competitors. Additionally, enduro racing pits riders not only against one another but also against the elements and the race course’s terrain. As enduro and cross-country riders will attest, at race’s end, physical exhaustion and collapsing in a heap are part of the sport.

Also, we’d like to see someone tweak motorcycle enduros to include a target-shooting element like the cross-country skiing discipline of biathlon. Yeah… Bikes and guns!