As we reach the end of one year and the beginning of another, it is only natural to look back at the recent past with more than a little bit of fondness. To date, we’ve listed the best news, most watched videos, most anticipated motorcycles for the upcoming year, and the editor highlights, running the gamut from empirical to emotional choices. Now, we will delve again into the collective psyches of the MO staff in the form of each editor’s favorite MO-produced videos for 2016.

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Motorcycle.com Editor Highlights Of 2016!

So, what did the esteemed MO editors choose as their personal favorite videos? Ironically, it was the smallest bikes we tested in 2016 that provoked a tussle over who would get to select a particular video as their choice. Burns went all ’Murican with his selection of guns, ammo, and premium unleaded. After that, it was all streetfighters all the time – which makes sense. Naked bikes offer the most real-world fun that can be had per dollar (or was that per cc?).