7. Heaven Forbid You Visit Motorcycle.com!


This might come as a surprise to some of you, but Motorcycle.com existed long before YouTube. But, like any business, we need to adjust to the times and thus you now see us on YT. Still, we’re in the business of driving eyeballs to our main site, and YT is a great vessel for doing just that. Our method for driving eyes to MO, of course, is to leave a little teaser in our videos and withhold the winner of a particular test, as was the case in our More For Less shootout. Turns out commenter CycleCruza had had enough of our methods:

I think you guys make great reviews but I dislike when you always make us go to your website to find out what your conclusion is, you always leave us hanging on youtube. Just tell us who won here dagnabblit! FZ-09??!!

The replies to CycleCruza are really entertaining, as some people are on his side, others on ours. Read them when you get a chance. Sorry, CycleCruza, but there’s a high probability we’re going to leave you hanging in future videos. It’s not always our fault, either – sometimes we honestly don’t know a winner when we wrap a video!