6. Install Braided Steel Hydraulic Lines


Although OE brake lines don’t expand visibly when the brake lever is squeezed (like in the distant past), fitting a set of braided, stainless-steel brake lines to a motorcycle can have a dramatic effect on its stopping power and feel. Since the lines are sheathed in metal (usually with a protective plastic outer coating), you don’t have to worry about stainless lines cracking from age and exposure to the sun. Also, the teflon interior line is less prone to becoming brittle than rubber lines. Most of the major line manufacturers, like Goodridge, have pre-measured kits available for almost every motorcycle manufactured in recent years. So, you shouldn’t have any problem finding one for your bike. However, if you’ve modified your bike by raising or lowering the bars, you’ll probably want to check with the company to see if you need a custom-length kit built. The first ride will reveal a firmer lever and better feedback. Oh, and braided steel lines make your bike look cool.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    I try extremely hard to not think and forget about my bikes during the winter. So no maintenance mid-season for me.

  • Born to Ride

    I thought winterizing your ride meant putting on a layer of thermal underpants? Oh wait, this article must be for the poor miserable souls that don’t have a 365 and 1/4 day riding season. God, how I pity them…

  • Old MOron

    Well, I’d been avoiding this article because I hate maintenance, and because I live in SoCal, anyway. But this is good advice and well-written. Just the other day, I was lamenting that my wear bars are nearing prominence. Aw shucks, I’ll have to get off my ass soon.