T10 Ways to Ride Like a Deity-

We here at MO enjoy the sensations and challenges of riding motorcycles briskly along twisty and undulating roads, and our collective decades of experience have taught us many lessons in how to do it – for the most part – safely. We’ve flogged hundreds of motorcycles and returned them virtually unscathed, so we’re sharing a few tips on our favorite techniques that just might save you a little or a lot of unnecessary grief.

  • halfkidding

    Thought you needed a better picture of looking ahead. I know that for myself that there is a natural tendency to look right in front of your front wheel. Now on the street this has to be done a lot because of the chances of junk and slippery stuff on the road but it makes going quickly almost impossible. Or at least when your looking ahead then cornering is many times easier. For me I then don’t have to think about lean angle and this and that, instead things just seem so much smoother and natural.

    I don’t try to be fast and never have been to a school where I am sure this is a typical lesson. Head on a swivel, looking ahead. You go where you look.


    • Simon Evans

      The lesson Number Eleven is:
      11. “He who travels fastest, stops least”
      Almost all modern squidbikes have a measly fuel tank range, and even the slightest heavy-handed application of throttle or late-braking will kill your mpg so you end up stopping, sooner.

      As your real mph – average speed – is affected by the frequency and amount of time you need to stop to pee, imbibe, smoke, refuel or scratch that nasty itch on the left testicle (ladies excepted – although there was this one nurse I knew… story for another day) consider a planned ride with agreed stops, consider moderate throttle application and extend road-ahead reading skills to prepare and plan to just not stop.

      It makes a mahoosive difference if your smoking stop is at the same time as your fuel stop, and that fuel stop is at a practical distance and not just for the sake of it. 120 mile fuel range? Stop at 110 or 115, not 85 because peanut tank dawdler needs to add gas. Or expel gas or somesuch.

      Far from taking the fun out of riding, you soon discover that going slower helps you go faster, further – and for longer.

  • spiff

    This is reminiscent of an old article called “The Pace” (I think that is what it was called). I don’t mind hearing the same sermon told a little different. Makes church less boring.

  • JMDonald

    I am almost 60. I have always ridden at my own pace. I try to ride at the speed limit when out and about because we live in a police state and they need to generate revenue. When I am on a good road far from traffic or the speed police I ride at the pace that is the most enjoyable. I like going into the turn deep and accelerating out of it. On occasion I sometimes run it up to the ton. I always remain focused. This is what I like about riding or driving a sports car. I do ride with some other guys every once in a while. I never let their riding speed influence my own. I could care less if I am faster or slower than anyone else.

  • Vrooom

    I would say #7 is the point most people miss. Going 110 in the straights is useless if it leaves you braking too hard for the corner and missing your optimum entry speed and not getting setup up properly for a swift exit.

    • fastfreddie

      That assumes the rider is less than proficient in the braking department.Smooth is the key.It’s better to go into a corner too slow and exit fast than the other way around.

  • Old MOron

    A wing-footed MO deity? Gee.
    I think I can aspire to slow-witted MO pleb.
    Is that worth anything?

    Of course! Any MOron is better than someone who reads other moto publications.

  • Martin Luther

    Wow…!! Nice idea for driving. I m pretty sure it is so exiting and enjoyable. I love riding but i am a new rider and have finished my riding before few days from Motorcycle Training Centre Toronto. But i am fully confident that after few days or weeks i will be able to drive like this.