7. Add Handlebar Riser


Grip angle isn’t the only part of the handlebar area that can be adjusted for better rider comfort. If you own a sportbike but spend most of your time commuting or sport-touring, you may want to raise the grips a bit to take some of the load off your arms and lower back. For clip-ons, this increase in height may come in the form of a riser. If that isn’t available for your bike, some aftermarket clip-ons are made with adjustable risers, giving you the ability to fine-tune not only the grip height, but also the angle. Bikes with handlebars can add risers of various shapes to increase the bar height and relocate it closer to the rider, if so desired. Some OEM risers can be flipped around to move the handlebar forward or rearward without a trip to the aftermarket. The Honda Interceptor risers are from MotoPumps (left) and Honda Accessories (right). Possible modification of lines and cable also applies here.