5. Camouflage of Your Favorite Armed Force


What better way can you think of to support the troops of your favorite branch of the Armed Forces than by wearing their official version of camouflage gear. As you ride through traffic, anyone who sees you will think about how proud they are to be American and how grateful they are for the sacrifices our military and their families make for us. The great news is that there are different camouflage patterns for different environments! So, make sure you wear your desert pattern when you visit the Southwest and your woodland pattern in the verdant East. Anyone who sees you in winter camo as you ride in the snow will be proud to be sharing the same road as someone so hardy and patriotic. Remember, when you wear the official camoflage pattern of your favorite wing of the armed services, you’re supporting the efforts of all the dedicated service members who spent their careers producing gear that (they hope) makes our troops impossible to see in theater.

Photo courtesy L & L Photography.