3. 2009 Ducati Monster 696 Review


Here we sample the Ducati Monster 696 at its introduction in Barcelona, Spain. In the 17th year since the introduction of the Monster line, we found this Duc to be more attractive than its progenitors while still being an affordable entry into the ranks of the Ducatisti.

Women and other shorter rides would find the Monster 696 to be a comfortable fit, although taller riders might feel cramped. Staffer Pete Brissette summed up his feelings for the smallest Monster, thusly: “If you’re an experienced rider looking for a multi-tool ball of fun with loads of character, or a new or shorter rider, or a long-time devotee of this line of minimalist Italian bikes, be sure to get your deposit in soon, as my guess is that they’ll be flyin’ out the door faster than free cheese.”

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