8. 2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide Review


Harley-Davidson’s 2010 model year returned the Dyna Wide Glide to its lineup. Showcasing a 34-degree raked-out, 49mm fork with widely spaced stanchions, the Wide Glide represented the upper end of the Dyna line. The 25.5 in. seat height added to the bike’s appeal – though it also reduced the WG’s cornering clearance.

Editor Duke found the Wide Glide’s looks seductive and stated that “For many, the gracefully sweeping lines of the attractive Wide Glide will be enough to sway them into joining the family of Harley faithful.” Even with the short suspension travel, Duke was still pleasantly surprised with how the WG handled. On the negative side, he also found there to be excessive engine heat from the rear cylinder and rated the single disc front brake as only adequate.

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