10. 2008 Kawasaki Versys Road Test


The Kawasaki Versys was originally available only in the European market, but after a pronounced email campaign from the American riding public, Team Green decided to give the US market a shot. Judging by the number of you who read our test, you were as intrigued by the 650cc vertical-Twin as we were. While the Versys is closely related to the Ninja 650R, our test revealed the two bikes to be quite different.

As the name implies, the bike is quite versatile, a quality we noted in the review: “In many ways this motorcycle defies strict categories. Heck, even Kawasaki has it listed under both Dual Purpose and Sport on its website.” A fact that readers won’t be aware of is Editorial Director Sean Alexander’s unabashed love of the Versys, his personal bike. He is fond of pointing out to us – as we debate various bikes – that the Versys is the only bike a rider will ever need.

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