2. 2008 Can-Am Spyder Test


What? You say a Can-Am Spyder isn’t really a motorcycle? Well, the Spyder shares enough similarities with motorcycles (and is classified as one in many states) and is just odd enough to attract the attention of the MO editorial staff as well as our loyal MOrons. While this 2008 model may have been the first Spyder we reviewed, it certainly wasn’t our last, and clearly, our readers were also curious enough to earn it runner-up status in the single-vehicle review click-counting contest.

The Spyder garnered compliments everywhere Editor Duke rode it: “Since we all didn’t get enough attention as children, we really enjoyed the rock-star levels of attention the Can-Am attracted.” The uniqueness of this fun-to-ride vehicle is likely responsible for this review’s high rankings. Or maybe it was the tire-smoking 150-foot burnout seen in the video.

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