10. BMW i3 with Range Extender

012915-top-10-vehicles-motorcycle-engines-10-bmw i3 range extender

BMW’s i3 and i8 make the German automaker one of the leading players in the EV game when it comes to four-wheel transport. For this list we’ll focus on the smaller, commuter-oriented i3. Powered entirely by batteries, the i3 relies on electricity to drive the rear wheels. However, BMW claims the i3 is good for “only” 81 miles on pure battery power. To ease the range anxiety many EV drivers struggle with, the i3 comes with what BMW calls a Range Extender. What is a Range Extender? It’s the 647cc Twin normally seen in the C 650 GT BMW scooter. As the name implies, the Twin is only used to extend the range of the batteries and at no point does it actually drive the wheels. BMW claims, with the Range Extender, the i3 can travel up to 150 miles.