2. Triumph Rocket Streamliner


I’m breaking the rules slightly by including the Triumph Rocket Streamliner, but then I feel anything powered by two Triumph Rocket III engines is worthy of being on this list. Each heavily modified engine is actually reduced in size so the total displacement (2,970cc) meets the 3,000cc class requirements for its class, but then each also gets a turbo to help make up for that lack of displacement. All told, the streamliner makes around 1,000 hp, all in an effort to break 400 mph and take home a new land speed record. AMA roadracer, and all-around nice guy, Jason DiSalvo is the Streamliner’s pilot, and though I said I’d love to have a go on all the vehicles on this list, Jason’s horse jockey size means even my scrawny 5-foot, 8-inch frame likely wouldn’t fit in the cockpit.