1. EBR 1190 SX, 2014-2015


Young Troy and I rode this one against our reigning Motorcycle of the Year, the KTM Super Duke R 15 months ago. The KTM won, but only by dint of being a bit more refined. Looking back upon it, though, the slight raw, hard-edginess of the EBR was part of its appeal, that and the whine of its chain tensioner deal on decel. List price was $16,995, about the same as the KTM, for a bike that actually makes a bit more power and weighs 20 pounds less.

Now, brand new EBR SXs are all over the interwebs asking about $10k. Ohhh there’s no dealers, ohhhh where will I get paaaaarts? Stop your whining, will you, Nellie? Did you see Jay Leno’s Garage when Jay visited Francis Ford Coppola’s winery and toured around in his Tucker? What’s a Tucker go for these days? Two mil or so? Verily, if I had ten thou sloshing around and another bike to ride most of the time, I would have one of these tomorrow.