8. Baling Wire/Zip Ties

Baling Wire

Sitting on the side of the road in Meridian, MS, I puzzled how I was going to get my brake pedal to stay in a usable position after my low-speed tip-over had broken off the adjuster. Yeah, I could have just ridden on to the campground, lifting my foot two inches off the peg every time I need to use the brake, but I needed the place to focus my anger at my stupidity for crashing. (I blame the delectable catfish dinner and way too much iced tea, but I digress.) Ten minutes later, the pedal was in almost the right position, and I was repacking my tool kit – all thanks to the baling wire I’d been carrying. I’d even almost forgotten what an idiot I was for not noticing the bit of sand at the intersection that put me on the ground. Since that time, I’ve also added zip ties to the pocket that carries my baling wire. The two are an almost unstoppable combination for jury-rigged roadside repairs.


    So true I’ve done many 1,000 mile + trips solo with very little tools. I’ve gotten very lucky but I will never do that again way to dangerous, because the areas I go phones don’t work well and very little traffic-very nice. Always go with someone for safety and fun. thanks my take from experience……Be Safe…..

  • jose

    You missed the two most essential items in any motorcyclist emergency kit. Also known as the BMW or Gold Wing rider road emergency kit.

    A credit card with a large available balance and a cell phone.
    For adventure rides you can replace the cell phone with a satellite phone or messaging device.

    • Evans Brasfield

      I list the credit card under the food category of my packing list.

  • JMDonald

    I probably need to change my tire repair kit. I’ve been lugging it around for 10 years.

  • RevD

    I prefer to call electrical tape ‘Black Magic’

    • jimirod

      Muffler tape and Duct tape as well

      • RevD

        Yea, but those are typically silver…

  • SRMark

    Toilet paper

    • George

      By all means ‘ .

  • Old MOron

    A couple of years ago, I got this Rescue Tape at the Long Beach moto show.
    http://www.rescuetape.com/ Seems to be more expensive than I remember, but it’s cool stuff.

  • RickyJoe

    I’d always suggest a Scottoiler for longer trips… or any trips really. It’s not a tool in the strictest sense, but will save you getting stranded on the side of the Road without a replacement chain once the first ones snapped!

  • jimirod

    All of these are great ideas and the posts are great too.

  • Peter Frampton

    Hi Evans, All great must have touring items but you missed one I would never go touring without, Rescue Tape. Go to their website at http://www.rescuetape.com and you will see why. I’ve been using this stuff as a boater for years and now it’s a must have in my Gold Wing. You might have to change your article to the 11 most important things to take while touring.
    Ride safe.