6. Different Length Wrenches


I remember how, when I bought my first complete set of metric wrenches, I thought I had arrived. That is, until I encountered a situation where I needed two of the same sized wrenches. Or perhaps the space is too small for a full-sized wrench, and only a stubby will do. You’ll probably need at least two sets of wrenches to make your toolbox complete. Among the most used tools in my garage, the ratcheting wrenches (right) are my favorites. They are ideal for the tight confines of a motorcycle.

  • fastfreddie

    I would add an oilfilter remover if you have those modern ones.Unless you go for those fancy oilfilters with a wrenchnut in them.Is coppergrease considered a tool?useful for making those screws not seize from rust/corrotion.

  • notfishing

    Who has cables? All my controls are hydraulic.

    Duckbill pliers are a “must have” to deal with fuel line spring clamps.

    • Jay Stevens

      Throttle cable?

  • Emptybee

    No surprises here, and I heartily agree with having the correct oil filter wrench. But oh how I hate web articles that make you click through page after page…

  • randy the great

    Tire pressure gauge.

    • Evans Brasfield

      An oversight that has been rectified. Thanks!

  • Al

    A click for every page…ugh! Makes me skip over 99% of the articles on motorcycle.com.

  • Jack Meoph

    The only gloves I saw was when the oil was being drained, and those looked like low end food handlers gloves. Srsly, GLOVES. When working with light chems, like the cable lube where the hands were bare, nitrile exam or even mechanic specific nitrile gloves (although I’ve used both and can’t tell the difference, except for the extra $5 the mechanic nitrile gloves cost). Heavy chem gloves when you’re dealing with brake fluid level stuff, and even lubing your chain because nitrile gloves will shred easily. And of course mechanics work gloves, no need for the brand name, because there are lots out there. These protect your hands from all the slips, nips, and rips that occur when dealing with anything metal/mechanical. For fine work that doesn’t involve chems, but mechanics gloves are too bulky, I use Maxiflex (brand name). ALL petroleum based based chemicals are carcinogenic, and you should always keep a barrier between yourself and any chemical. Gloves are the starting point when working, on anything.

  • JMDonald

    I also remember buying a metric set of wrenches and socket set. I thought I was top chef and then some. Little did I know what I bought was a ticket to hell. Since then I gave clawed my way back to the 21st. century as far as minor maintenance goes. A dedicated oil filter wrench/remover is my favorite tool.

  • Luis Taracena

    Forgot an important one… A Girlfriend to hand you the tools needed… 😀

    • Kevin Monette

      As well as a fresh beer…..

      • Evans Brasfield

        I love you guys! Two more essentials.

  • marty

    an impact driver makes short work of gorilla tighted/corroded in place screws on fluid reservoirs and carbs

  • azi

    Credit card.

  • Scott Diamond

    A must for any motorcycle rider is a good tire pressure gauge, one that is accurate and easy to use like the MOTO-D Digital Tire Pressure Gauge found here http://www.motodracing.com/digital-tire-pressure-gauge

  • Chris V

    Could not live without my allen wrenches, both T-handles and 3/8″ sockets. Metric sizes, for my ZX-10.

  • Robert W Blackledge

    ugh, I loathe a click for every page, got to page two with all its adds and left the site.

  • Rick Howerton

    I might add as sockets go, get 6 point and not 12 point. Also get a Impact Driver that you smack with a hammer.

  • Habfan

    What do you need safety wire pliers for? Are you working on an aircraft?

    • Evans Brasfield

      Most racing organizations require certain fasteners be safety wired, and I used to club race.

    • Jay Stevens

      Oil drain plugs have been known to vibrate loose

  • Jay Stevens

    A working credit card.