3. Throttle Lock

Throttle Lock Hack

Pictured is the poor man’s cruise control. Cost: $0. Installation time: two minutes. Then there are the actual engineered products from companies such as Throttlemeister, Vista Cruise and others. Choose what you will, but certainly make a choice. You can squirm in your seat, put your feet in different locations but without one of these your right hand is forced to apply constant pressure – which gets numbingly uncomfortable when riding numerous interstate freeway miles. To learn more about the poor man’s throttle lock check out the coat hanger cruise control.

  • Jose Ferrer

    Just get out there and do it! I started in DC and I’ll be in LA in a couple of days and I’m on a CBR250!

  • Russ Archer

    LOL…where can I get the purple blanket hoodie in #5?

  • fastfreddie

    There may be the option of buying a very second hand cruiser to do the job and sell it/give it away at the journeys end…May even spice up the trip along the way;)

    Nice top ten list.Got to get that superwedge!Anyone got one for sale?