10. Aftermarket Seat

Mustang Seat

It’s not just non-touring bikes that sometimes need a little help cushioning your derriere. The firmness and thickness of a motorcycle seat’s foam is a personal preference of extreme variation. Width is also a consideration, and all three must sometimes be compromised depending on your inseam. Finding one on which to spend multiple, consecutive miles is no easy task, but definitely worth the reward. Thankfully there’s a wide selection of aftermarket seat manufacturers from which to choose, even if it’s only an accessory seat-topper pad.

  • Jose Ferrer

    Just get out there and do it! I started in DC and I’ll be in LA in a couple of days and I’m on a CBR250!

  • Russ Archer

    LOL…where can I get the purple blanket hoodie in #5?

  • fastfreddie

    There may be the option of buying a very second hand cruiser to do the job and sell it/give it away at the journeys end…May even spice up the trip along the way;)

    Nice top ten list.Got to get that superwedge!Anyone got one for sale?