Your bike is sparkling clean, now what? Well, you ride it, of course. Unfortunately, your bike will get dirty when you take it for a spin. However, quick touch-ups between washes can lengthen the interval between bucket-and-sponge sessions. Clean bugs as soon as possible after your excursion. While bugs don’t live to see it, they can have the last laugh as their innards etch paint when they are left in place for long periods of time. Spray your favorite motorcycle cleaner/wax on them and let it soak for a few minutes. Don’t have any cleaner, lay a wet, soaped rag on the offending guts and let it soften them, and they’ll wipe right off. If you’re worried about the previous admonition that you not use a dry rag to wipe dust away, remember that, when you spray the cleaner on the bike (never near the brakes) or on the rag itself, you’ve already applied paint-protecting lubricant.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a shiny, clean motorcycle that is the envy of all your riding buddies.