3. Start Planning Next Year’s Road Trip


Nothing ever goes according to plan, which is often when the true adventure begins, but it doesn’t hurt to do your homework. Find a place you’ve never visited and the best way to get there and home again. If you start teasing your riding buddies this long before the departure date they may actually be able to go.

  • Ozzy Mick

    Tom, us Aussies sympathise – honest we do! We don’t hibernate in winter nor suffer cabin fever as our winters are mild. But if you and your readers can organise a trip this winter to Australia and New Zealand, it’ll be summer over here. You’re all welcome.

    Check this out – if nothing else, to add to your list: http://www.motowhere.com/listpaths/country/14

  • Alexander Pityuk

    What the hell is that #1 thing? Is it… a wheelie machine?..
    I bet Duke can use it for daily commuting. One wheel is all one needs.

  • Old MOron

    2. Prepare To Go Racing Next Year … at speeds that are generally not life-threatening.

    Is it my imagination, or does that look like the type of dust cloud caused when someone hits the kitty litter? (see the last two bikes)


  • spiff

    I plan on watching Roller Derby. I really dig this concept of an enforcer helping his country man… I mean team mate win.

  • Tashi Nima

    Come to India, we are going on a Rajasthan tour this winter. Just need a few more people to make it happen. Here’ s a link to our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Built2Ride-Royal-Enfield-153276814731779/?ref=hl