4. Pro Singles


Other options include – if you don’t want to race a Harley, EX650, Ducati, Suzuki SV650 or Triumph Bonneville – the CRF450R Honda, which won every Pro Singles event this year including the Peoria and Castle Rock TTs. Just remove the lights and street equipment of which there is none, shorten the suspension a little, acquire some wheels and dirt track tires, and you’re ready to race. Well, it takes a lot of talent too. At Pomona, the guy with the most was a 16-year old 130-pound Oregonian named Davis Fisher, 67m above, who won the race but missed out on the Pro Singles championship by one measly point to a 150-pound 20-year old from Michigan, Kyle Johnson.

If you need a bike, in fact, contact Mark Cernicky (below), who is almost recovered from a nasty incident that did not involve the CRF flat-tracker gathering dust in his garage. Though he did get run over by a good part of the field at the 2012 Pomona Singles race … for him, merely a flesh wound.

  • Old MOron

    Awesome report, John. As a matter of fact, I was hoping to attend the races, but instead I’m sitting at home with a cold. I shouldn’t have wussed out.

    • Goose

      What he said. I went to Pomona once but having to deal with LA made the many times longer ride to Sacramento seem like a better idea for my annual pilgrimage to ‘Merica’s racing roots.

      If you get a chance go to a dirt track race. I’ve been to lots of races, the worst dirt track race I’ve ever seen was better than half the road races I’ve been to.

  • Tod Rafferty

    Very cool.

  • COD

    Good clean racing this year !